Denise Personal Trainer


Hi there!  My name is Denise Rocco and I’m a certified TRX coach here at M Fit Studio.  I’m also a certified Optavia coach, mostly loving mother and wife, and crochet Jedi.  Now for the longer version….


I’m a native of St. Charles parish although I have lived all over the country as well as overseas.  I moved back to southern Louisiana in 2005.  It would be another ten years before I embraced fitness as part of my life.  That is something I did not come to love until my forties.  I am an example that it’s never too late to make a change.  So what was the catalyst for this change from lethargic lay about to fitness instructor?  


I was always, always,  tired.  I was lethargic.  I was moody.  I often had debilitating headaches.  I was carrying around an extra twenty pounds.  I just felt bad.  When year after year at my annual health check up I divulged these symptoms to my care provider the answer always seemed to be a prescription for depression, but I knew I wasn’t depressed.  I decided to take a hard look at my habits.  Then I decided to stop making excuses and eliminate the bad habits.


The first was to quit smoking.  I was a pack a day smoker for twenty-eight years.  I quit cold turkey.  I realized I was in control, I could change if I really wanted to, I could do it!  It wasn’t nearly as painful as I had built it up in my mind to be.  While quitting smoking of course has undeniable health benefits many things remained the same.  I still had mood swings, I was still lethargic, and I still suffered with headaches.  It was time to make more changes.


The next thing I tackled was my eating habits.  I started on a program called Optavia that provided me with tools to make weight loss easier while teaching me habits of health to last a lifetime.  Ultimately I lost twenty pounds.  That alone was pretty fantastic, but even better than how I looked was how I felt.  Eating cleaner resolved the myriad of other unpleasant symptoms I was experiencing.  My blood sugars regulated as did my moods.  My blood pressure was better.  My headaches all but disappeared and last but not least, my energy levels soared.  I felt so fantastic that I knew I had to share Optavia with others seeking to get off medications, reduce excess weight, and live a more healthful lifestyle, so I became an Optavia coach.  I love helping people by sharing the health.  It’s an awesome thing when someone comes back from the doctors office having reduced or gotten off medications.  It’s an awesome thing when someone feels better in their own skin.  I love it. 


Now, what was I to do with all this new found energy I had?  I decided to take my first class at M Fit Studio and fell in love with TRX.  I started taking the classes regularly.  The last piece of the puzzle was in place.  I had ridden myself of a nasty habit, embraced a more healthful way of fueling my body, and found a fitness routine I loved!  I enjoyed it so much because it was exercise for anyone.  There were all shapes, ages, sizes and fitness levels in the same class finding their better.  That is a pretty amazing and inclusive program.  I was hooked.  So much so that I took my first TRX qualification course, then another, and most recently got my TRX  certification.  At that point I wasn’t sure I’d use those qualifications to teach I just wanted to know more because I enjoy learning.


That all leads me to now.  I’m now an instructor at M Fit Studio.  I really enjoy helping people achieve their fitness goals through TRX training.  It’s wonderful to get to help others and it keeps me in line with my own fitness goals.  I hope to see you in the studio soon!



I am the local small business owner of Rainbow Magic Healing Arts, specializing in therapeutic essential oil blends; I am also a certified holistic energy healer, and meditation instructor. I work in conjunction with M Fit Studio to offer plant-based remedies for physical and mental ailments, as well as scheduling energy healings in their beautiful tranquil studio, and functioning as their Social Media Marketing Director. After 4 years of self-practice, I will be attending my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in September.

I am passionate about speeding up the healing process by integrating as many healing practices as possible.  I see physical activity as a place to quiet the mind, grow focus, and cultivate a mind-body connection. In this way work-outs are their own meditation! Recovery practices for the body after strenuous exercise can include gentle stretches, which can be found in yoga, and application of healing plant medicines and epsom salt baths, which we offer. 

As the social media marketing director, it brings me joy to offer daily motivation to cultivate this kind of practice in the lives of our followers, and spread the passion for people, health, and growth that M Fit’s boutique style studio offers to their clients.

To experience even more awareness, and a calm, centered & focused mind, book an energy healing with me, or attend our weekly donation-based guided meditation.