TRX Pilates Method with Lori Crosthwait

Greetings, M Fit Studio!

In a few short weeks, you’ll notice a new class on the weekly M Fit Studio Schedule: TRX Pilates Method, instructed by yours truly. I hope you’ll join me on Monday and Wednesday at 1:00p and 7:15pm. In case you have questions before you drop in, continue reading.

I tried Pilates once and hated it. I didn’t understand the moves and I wasn’t sore the next day. Why bother this time?

Great news! TRX Pilates Method is not “just” a Pilates class. You’ll recognize most of the exercises from your existing M Fit repertoire on the TRX Suspension Trainer. What might feel new is the Pilates approach to analyzing and executing movement (more on this in a moment). TRX and Pilates both emphasize the importance of training your core, so it’s a perfect match! You can expect challenging exercise sequences with special attention to proper alignment and form. Regarding post-workout muscle soreness, you might be sore in different places after introducing a few new moves into your routine. Even better, your proprioception and mind-body connection will improve when you take TRX Pilates Method; you will notice a higher level of productivity in your other M Fit classes. It’s a win-win!

I’m really craving something new. Are you saying it’s the same stuff, but slower?

Don’t worry, there will be some new moves. Plus, the moves you already know might feel different when someone new is giving the directions. Our pace will still be athletic, but mindful, and you might not see as many circuits compared to other class formats. We’ll mainly be using the TRX Suspension Trainer and exercise mats, and those “Magic Circles” will spend some quality time off the shelf, too.

Tell me about the Pilates approach. What’s different?

Some exercise programs are designed with a specific performance goal in mind (and this is great!), but each workout might be lacking in areas not related to that particular goal. Sport specific training is invaluable for professional athletes. They often seek out Pilates for cross training. The rest of us need to be certain that our exercise programs balance immediate performance goals with the long-term priority to continue moving efficiently for a good, long time.

In TRX Pilates Method, we’re going to shift our attention towards the goals of mindfulness and longevity. This approach will inherently improve your performance in whatever activity you enjoy most, from long walks to slam dunks, and everything in between.

I recently completed a Master Instructor course at Balanced Body headquarters in Sacramento, California. Balanced Body is a leading Pilates education provider and Pilates equipment manufacturer. While most fitness experts will agree that these movement principles exist in all different approaches to exercise, the Balanced Body Education Program has done a particularly excellent job of organizing them:

  • Understanding Whole Body Movement
  • Breathing and Trunk Integration
  • Posture and Alignment
  • Upper Body Strength and Balance
  • Lower Body Strength and Power
  • Dynamic Flexibility and Relaxation

So what’s different? You might hear me cue a deliberate breathing pattern more than in other formats. We’ll focus on creating a balance of strength and mobility throughout your body in every workout. I’m a stickler for good posture, and I’ll teach you how to notice your posture from the inside out. Your alignment is immediately critical to the productivity of each exercise, and learning more about it will help you stay injury-free in your other pursuits. Don’t be surprised to hear a few extra corrections your first time in class; it’s for your own good!

Come move mindfully in TRX Pilates Method. I can’t wait to get to know you and help you recognize new potential with improved understanding of how your body works. Still have questions? Please reach out to me at

See you in class!

Monday + Wednesday, starting February 15

  • 1:00pm TRX Pilates Method

Monday + Wednesday, starting February 24

  • 6:00pm TRX Circuit
  • 7:15pm TRX Pilates Method