Emily B. Frischhertz, Owner of M Fit Studio 

Certified Personal Trainer

TRX Black Rank Coach


I’m a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, a certified personal trainer, TRX Black Rank Certified Coach, and  student at the University of New Orleans studying Exercise Physiology. For me, health and fitness is always top of mind. I started my fitness journey like many others. I was in a health, fitness, and personal funk. Scrolling through Pinterest one day I saw this statement, "your one workout away from a good mood", and thought YEP! So I landed in a TRX class at a local gym. I loved the group training, the trainer, how I felt, and 6 weeks later the amazing results. I wanted more so I went to my very first TRX Qualification course. I had finally found my passion and purpose. I was on fire and wanted to share that feeling. I worked at a few facilities around town but realized I just wanted to own a facility so I could customize the programing and services. Fast forward numerous fitness certifications and years, I finally realized my dream of opening a personal training studio! 

M Fit Studio offers a variety of TRX suspension training, customized personal training programs,and focused challenge camps that cover foundational movements in different formats using multiple modalities. My method is built to be safe and effective for every level of fitness. I help people grow and make connections to their multilevel, 360-degree everyday lives through fitness. My programs are designed to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

My personal motivation is pursuing what feels right - not having aches and pains - and what looks right and feels good to me -staying young and maintaining a physique I am proud of and comfortable in. Making it a part of my weekly, and then daily interaction with myself (and sometimes with a group, a friend or my husband to add accountability and fun) really helped me to stay on track when I was starting this journey. Now I’ve come to understand the end result is always a work in progress and cannot be attained overnight. Motivation and joy can be found in the small results that become part of the new you.

Find an exercise that you enjoy and schedule it into your life. There are many types of exercise routines available but if you’re doing one you hate, you’re not going to be successful at it and will likely quit. The same is true for hiring a personal trainer: You want someone you enjoy working with, who’s reliable and personally invested in your growth. Realize this is long-term, and you want a trainer who honors and respects your commitment to health and fitness — and who will work with you over time. 

I can only take you on a journey that I myself have been through. Let me share my expertise with you and commit to you realizing your best self.